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   Delphi Conduit Library

Welcome to the help documentation for the Delphi Conduit Library. This library is written and Copyright © 2000 - 2003 by Paul Gilbert. This library is released under the Open Software License. If you find the library useful, I would appreciate being sent a postcard telling me what a cool frood I am. All postcards can be sent to:

      Paul Gilbert
      Zero.Com Pty Ltd
      PO Box 2478
      Fitzroy, Vic,
      3065, Australia

Preferrably a local scene from your home area.

If you have any questions or comments, I am monitoring the group's Sourceforge forums. I'm no longer making my email address available, due to a distressing recent increase in the amount of Spam I've been receiving.

The most updated version of this library is available from it's website at:


  • Back when I originally converted over all the record structures, I did it by hand. It's thus possible, even likely, that some of the structures not directly used by the Conduit Library have wrong field sizes. Be warned of this possibility if you start using these structure definitions.

For a full list of changes, refer to the Version History file.

Special thanks go to the following people:

  • Hafeez Bana and Mayur Patel - two of my workmates whose patient testing of my synchronisation conduits have exposed many bugs in the conduit library over time.
  • Per-Eric Larsson for his tireless efforts at finding all the mistakes I'd made, and for his major code contribution in the form of the synchronisation component.
  • Mert, who has recently contributed some help with the floating point numbers and the TpfgPalmInstall component.
  • Olrik Larsen, for the suggestions and code fragments he's provided.
  • Finally, thanks also go to all those who emailled me bug fixes - I've tried to individually credit people in the version history page