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Version 1.15

Version 1.14
Version 1.13
Version 1.12
Version 1.11
Version 1.10
Version 1.9
Version 1.8
Version 1.7
Version 1.6
Version 1.5
Version 1.4
Version 1.3
  • MAJOR: Combined the three components TpfgConduitRegister, TpfgConduitConfigure, and TpfgConduitExecute, into one overall component: TpfgPalmComponent. This component contains all the properties and events of all three components.
  • Changed TpfgPalmRemoteTable Flags property to dbFlags, to reduce confusion with the record Flags property in Fields [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Fixed a mixup with the constants used in the Hot Sync Action Dialog [Jean-Francois]
  • Added an Exists function to the Palm table [Alain Falanga]
  • Changed Category field for TpfgPalmRemoteTable to CategoryFilter; this is to avoid confusion with the field Category property, which is specific to the current record [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Added a RemoteFile property to the TpfgConduitRegister component [Jean-Francois]
  • Separated all of the error related functionality into pfgPalmSyncError.pas [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Moved the format helper functions (such as TimSecondsToDateTime) to the pfgPalmMisc.pas unit
  • Added a CardNum property to TpfgPalmRemoteTable, so that the card used can be changed [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Fixed a bug in the SetRecNo that was calling the SyncReadRecordById rather than SyncReadRecordByIndex. Also renamed the property to RecNum.
  • Introduced a LocateByID method for quickly jumping to a specified record [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • The Fields.RecordID property ahs been slightly modified to now be writable - by using this property you can set the record ID to save as without changing the current record [Note: Be careful with writing to Fields.RecordID; only existing Record IDs that have been allocated by the Palm to records in the database are valid - this property is mainly of use when performing synchronization, and you want a new record to be saved over a specific existing one without bothering to directly move to the old record and read it's contents into the field buffer]
  • Fixed the TimeType definition so it was packed record, rather than simply record (to avoid field alignment problems)
  • Added a DateTime type to the list of available fields. It represents a table field stored in the format of the Palm DateTimeType record
  • Fixed a slight glitch in passing out a variant array for custom field types
  • There have also been some minor tweaks in the code that aren't worth mentioning
  • Created a new helper class TpfgRecordBuffer, in pfgRecBuff.pas, that provides a simple list for containing the primary key details of all the records in a primary key based table - I wrote it for an internal project, but it may be of use to others if you're performing a manual synchronization.
  • Date/times passed to the PC are actually in Unix format - included a unit pelDateTime.pas provided by Per-Eric Larsson that contains conversion functions, and changed references in pfgPalmInf.pas to use them. The old routines are still being kept since they're usefull for users defined date/time fields based on Palm date/time types [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Joined all the icons into one resource file pfgPalmIcons.res [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Fixed a boundary value problem for saving out DWORD fields [Per-Eric & some-one else, but I can't dig up who it was]
  • Moved the TpfgPalmTable.Fields property from published to public, where it belongs [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • GetNextRecord now reads in the record category value [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Fixed a minor glitch in DateTimeToPalmDate [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Fixed a glitch of saving to a record ID in PostRecord [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Added a Cancel method to the tables - can't believe I overlooked it [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Added a byte re-odering for the Palm 2-byte date type [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Converted the conduit registration method call checks to use PalmCheck, and now display the friendly error message for any returned error codes [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Removed "DWORD" and "PDWORD" types from pfgWTypes.pas, since it was conflicting with an existing declaration in Windows.pas
  • Converted the database creation flags (previously Flags, now dbFlags) field from a LongWord to a Delphi set [Martin Casatti]
  • Tweaked the GetNextRecord code slightly for the end-of-file case
  • Added a new unit - pfgUserManager.pas (and pfgUserData.pas), which implements the TpfgUserManager component - which manages the list of installed users [Per-Eric Larsson]
  • Added a new remote table icon [Per-Eric Larsson] Version 1.2
    Version 1.0
    This is the initial release of my in-progress library for aiding development of Pilot conduits in Delphi. Currently targetted is CDK 4 [I know CDK 4.1 has come out with rudimentary COM support, but I haven't had the time to go through it yet]. Full source is included, developed using Delphi 5, although Delphi 4 should work just as well with a bit of tweaking to the .dpk file.
    Please, any bug fixes or comments should be posted on the Sourceforge forums